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Odoo ERP Marketing & Branding, Website & E-commerce &

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marketing and branding

Marketing & Branding

At Kaizen Principles, we work to showcase your organization in a way that attracts your customers, and enable you to stand out from competitors by implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that guarantees you get more leads and sales. This plan includes:

  • Doing market research to analyze all of your brand, audience and competitors.
  • Identifying the most appropriate marketing strategies for your organization.
  • Creating a unique brand that truly represents your organization's identity.
  • Producing persuasive content with creative graphic designs and videos.
  •  Executing profitable paid advertisements on social media and Google.
  • Doing search engines optimization to increase the traffic for your website.
  • Organizing the management of all your pages on social media sites to facilitate your communication with your audience.


Odoo ERP Implementation

Your organization's work efficiency is perfect with Odoo ERP software system, which we apply for you in a way that suits your organization. So, we follow specific steps during implementing the system:

  • Using many methods to gather your requirements from the system.
  • ​ providing you with a map to explain all of our work processes.
  • Performing a gap analysis to show you how your business would change if we implemented our solutions.
  • Identifying the required time for every operation in a project plan.
  •  Sending what we have finished as soon as it is done without waiting for the full system's completion.
  • Installing and configuring the system, keeping it up to date with constant upgrades as needed.
  •  Assuring the dynamic integration of all system modules functionalities and data.
  •  Customizing and developing any of  your system's apps in line with your organization's needs and objectives.
Odoo ERP
website & e-commerce

Website & E-commerce

Raise your organization's credibility by having an attractive website, which we design for you using the best programming techniques. Therefore, our work includes achieving these stages:

  • Determining your requirements from the new website's features.
  • Creating a site map that defines your website's main elements.
  • Providing it with search engine optimized content and appropriate visuals.
  • Carrying out each step inside the website in a way that makes browsing easier for the user and provide him with a unique user experience.

mobile application

Mobile Application 

Connect now with your customers quickly and easily by a perfect mobile app designed with an organized and thoughtful strategy that covers:

  • Creating the most appropriate screens for your business.
  • Designing easy user flows for your customers.
  • Displaying the App's texts and visuals attractively.
  • Ensuring the speed and flexibility of the app.
  • Making the app screen responsive for all mobile devices.
  • Ensuring that the app provides a unique user experience.
  • Submitting your app to the Google Play and Apple app stores.
  • Monitoring your app to ensure that it continues to function.
  • Running easily and quickly your app in Android and IOS systems.

To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.

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